The Erotica Club


"where friends get into the swing of things"

Come down to the hottest, on-premise club around!

Erotica is where all the action happens!  What happens in Erotica, Stays in Erotica!

We are a private, discreet memberís only club for those

who are looking to meet new friends and explore new possibilities.

Our facilities provide a safe, sensual, and comfortable space that is lifestyle friendly and full of options.

We offer a relaxed environment with indoor jacuzzis, lounge areas, dance floor with a dancers pole, private and semi-private rooms,

TV rooms, an orgy room and shower.   We also have swings, slings, ride on toys, and other fun things to play on.

There is plenty of space to relax, watch, dance, and, most importantly, enjoy yourself.

All bar setups (juice,soda,ice,etc.) are included in the door donation.

Just bring your bottle of liquor and we will take care of the rest. 


By clicking on this link you are stating that you are over 21 years of age. 

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Couples and Single Female Swingers